TPN is working on building the webinar platform and hopes to have it up and running by 1/27/23. We will send out an email when registration opens up.

2023 Annual Conference: 

Rebuilding and Rejuvenating: Ours & Others 

I am pleased to update that LAMFT was able to get wonderful presenters to get back up to the 20-hour conference.

As LAMFT welcomes the new year of 2023, we look forward to Rebuilding and Rejuvenating. The concept of the conference is learning how rebuild, restart, motivate, and educate. The sessions laid out attend to matters of our profession with government relations, supervision, emotion focused, relational affairs, play therapy, and so much more. The New Year is about figuring out what matters to us and then deciding on how to make goals and motivate ourselves for the future. Over the last few years, we have worked to maintain and try to find a sense of balance; however, it is time to pick things us. The presenters this year bring in a new sense of working with the legal system, social services, understanding affairs and how to get over them, dealing with children and anxiety, and more to come. LAMFT is proud to offer 20-hour CEUs for this conference that will be live over 3-day event, as well as on demand.

Schedule: As of now, we are working to get the presenters times confirmed and be updating that soon here. As for now:

March 23, 2023       12pm-5pm

March 24, 2023       8am- 5pm

March 25, 2023       8am- 4pm

We do have a special price for members and make sure you sign to be a member if you have not already.  TPN has recommended that you can look to follow LAMFT, and we can add you as a Member vs Follower to make sure that you get the discounted price. Don't worry if this part makes you nervous, I will send the code out to Members too. For those that are presenting, I will have to send your code to you for sign up.

If you are interested in presenting, you are more then welcome to contact, plans always change for people.

Otherwise, if you want to present with our Monthly CEUs to our members then send us an email for putting you on the calendar.